During football fitness preparation, working out is important to consider. The ideal is to have access to specific equipment (fitness room) but this is almost impossible for amateur clubs. We therefore offer you exercises as a training circuit based on weight training and without specific equipment or at least with basic equipment that every football club has.


Football weight training

Players must be between 2 or 4 depending on whether the group is big or small knowing that there are 8 exercises (keep the even side for the hamstring one). Each exercise has its own instructions but the time spent on each is 5′ with 1′ to go to the next exercise. The rotation is clockwise. On the material level, you need 1 or 2 benches (or 4 chairs), 1 to 2 medical balls (or heavy object such as a water bottle), 8 plots, 1 chrono and 1 whistle (or a loud-voice).


workout circuit training

Here are the details of the exercises:

  • Push-up: each player must perform 5 sets of 20 push-ups with a large amplitude. Be careful with the buttocks, which shouldn’t be too high, it’s not a pyramid contest!
  • Abs: the athlete lies on his back; he rests on his elbows. He must be stretched, slightly off the ground (5cm) and do numbers with his legs from 0 to 20, and he must do it 3 times in the time allowed.
  • Proprioception: the athlete puts his foot bare, on one leg, slightly bent and must keep the balance while counting 30 seconds in his head. If the athlete can do it easily, he must close his eyes. After 30 seconds, he changes legs and so on until the end of the exercise.
  • Bench step-up: beforehand, you have installed the 2 benches or 4 chairs. The player stands at the foot of the bench, he must step on the bench with one foot and climb on it only with the force of his foot on the bench and not with the support of his foot on the ground. Once on the bench, he goes down with the same foot and conversely, he goes up with the other. 10 repetitions per leg, work to be done 3 times during the time allotted.
  • Core building: 1’ in the ventral position, 15 sec of pause, 30 sec in lateral position on one side, 15 sec of pause, 30 sec in lateral position on the other side, to be done twice.
  • Hamstrings: the players are in pairs, one is lying on his stomach, puts one leg in buttock heel position. The other player must, by holding his friend’s bent leg with his hands, stop the return of the bent leg. Be careful, the second player must brake the leg and not block it! When he reaches 10cm from the ground, he can let her stop the resistance. To do 5 times in a row on the same leg and on the other leg and change the roles. Each player must do the exercise at least twice, ideally 3.
  • Medecin ball: always in pairs, the players stand upright, back to back, and the ball doctor passes laterally. To be done 1′ with 3 repetitions.
  • Calf: you need access to a step, a sidewalk. Players rest the front of their feet on the step and the heel (or even the back half of your foot) is empty. They slowly climb up (importing the notion of slowness) their heel while keeping their front foot stable on the step and then once fully, slowly descend again to the initial position. Make 2 sets of 20 lifts/downs or 3 sets of 10 if they do not hold all 20.

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The Prepa Physique Team

Workout circuit training
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Workout circuit training
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