The winter break football break takes place between the last official match of the calendar year and the restart of the official matches. It is difficult to schedule because the first fortnight of December is often synonymous with postponed matches, but you must set a basis, which we suggest you do.


The winter football break

winter break footballThe longer the duration of the winter break, the more intense and longer the physical preparation should be! It is therefore important not to cut for too long, we recommend a maximum of 10 days between the last training/game and the restart. This duration is to be correlated with the date of the first official match: in Alsace (French region), the break lasts almost 2 months while, for most regions, it lasts 3 weeks with the restart of cup matches or late matches….

It is an important phase for the second part of the season, it allows the body to regenerate itself, to recover important efforts from the first half of the season especially with complicated playing fields (mud, rain…). The psychological aspect is also important with a mind that thinks about something other than football (and this is interesting for the choice of Christmas gifts 😉). Therefore the mini winter football break must also include a minimum of 7 days.

To summarize, unless your region has a long break (Alsace…), we recommend a break of 7 to 10 days without training.


A fitness preparation during the winter break football, why do you need it?

Its aim is to upgrade players after a demanding first half, a series of matches and training on bad fields, possible injuries (hence the interest of Physical Preparation with a follow-up by a professional)…

It is not a question of doing everything that has been done during the pre season football fitness, there is no point because the stop was shorter, the bottom exists, you just have to give a reminder.

The basic framework for the best management of the winter break football

We recommend the first recovery training focused mainly on stamina with a 45′ exit per level group revealed by the Vameval. The second part of the training can be more technical, tactical, play oriented, keeping in mind that you should prefer slightly longer races (avoid the 2 vs 2 on a small field on this first session). It may be useful to do a small scrubbing depending on the intensity of the training or match. Then, it all depends on where you train between a futsal field or an outdoor field.


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Access to a handball field or futsal field

winter break football futsal fieldWe recommend, at least once a week, to book a sports center with handball goals. It all depends on your city, urban community but it is very likely that there are some available on at least 1 slot per week. Otherwise, there are private futsal rooms, but they are not free.

Before your players get excited about playing futsal (we’ll get to that), there’s an interesting VO2max exercise to be done. First of all, warm up without a balloon at least 10′! As a reminder, it is cold, your body has not practiced any activity for a few days and above all, you will do speed exercises where there is a high risk of muscle damage (straining).

Once warmed up, a VO2max work arrond 15”/15” is very relevant over a period of 16 accelerations. These accelerations must be in the form of a sprint and the relaxation period by trotting. Important, the last 4 accelerations are the hardest, it’s normal, it’s those who do the work, the interest of the session (cheating on those is like making the work worthless), the first 12 are just to get tired !

Then, it’s up to you to define the rules (golden goal, x’ match) according to the number of teams. We recommend matches lasting 10′ because it helps to raise the cardio level. Don’t forget that there are one or more teams waiting, there is no way they will remain spectators. A PPG work for teams who are waiting is very interesting with abs (crunch, core muscle), push-ups, chairs, back muscles on a series principle.

If you rent a futsal room, the VO2max work can be done by teams waiting in a free space, try to make the most of the cutting moments. You rent it for a certain time so optimize it. If you have the possibility, also take 1 or 2 badminton courts to do a fun VO2max exercise.

Training on a football field during the winter football break

winter break football snow football fieldOn the following training sessions, as seen on the previous paragraph, the warm-up must be done without a ball, over a period of 15′ (with 2 to 3 laps of ground at the beginning if the players bite the corners or if they eat them) then the traditional knee climbing movements, flexions, abductors… A V02max exercise must be included at least once a week of the type 30”/30” or even a 45”/30” but on a lower frequency, the effort being more intense than the recovery.

To sum up, the 3 weeks that make up the winter truce must begin with endurance to finish on a short Vo2max exercise, concretely, start with a 45′ minimum jogging to finish on 15”/15” exercises that are closer to the footballers’ races. But without endurance, the work of VO2max is useless!


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winter break football

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Winter break football
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Winter break football
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