vo2 maxVO2 Max is the pace at which the body uses 100% of its oxygen consumption. The more oxygen an athlete can consume (in L/min), the higher his VO2 Max will be. The VO2 Max is well known by athletes (amateur or not) because it is an important basis for work even if it is increasingly attenuated because it must be coupled with the Endurance Index. Indeed, 2 people with the same VO2 Max will not run the same time on a marathon for example because it also depends on their ability to maintain a percentage of VO2 Max… but this is not the topic of the day! 😉


VO2 Max: what is the impact on the athlete?

Knowing, assessing or rather calculating your VO2 Max is THE basis of an athlete who wants to improve. From this value, you have all your working times, whether on split times or on longer runs. The VO2 Max is given in km/h and this speed can be maintained by the athlete between 3 and 8’ depending on the training.


How to calculate your VO2 Max?

There are different tests (Cooper test, Luc Léger’s test, Vameval test, bip bip test…), the most complete being the most expensive and the most restrictive: a laboratory cardiac stress test. However, some tests have very positive results such as VAMEVAL or, to a lesser extent, 30/15 IFT. You will find more information in the article we devote on the topic, but it consists in running around a field (in general) with beeps giving the times of passage to cones spaced 20m apart then by steps which determine in equivalence the VO2 Max => the Vameval test is done either around a field or around an athletic field. Please note that we sell the Vameval test for 29€ including shipping costs (contact us).

The VO2 Max evolves (upwards or downwards) with time and training. This test is essential at the beginning of the season to get to know these players well and we recommend it at the end of pre-season football physical preparation to see the progress (satisfactory for you but also for your players who will see that they have not worked for no reason).

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Once determined, you can apply it during your exercises, especially those provided by us. Indeed, a long run from 45′ (in aerobics) will be at 75% of the VO2 Max or 12km/h for those who have an estimated VO2 Max of 16km/h or a 30/30 (lactic anaerobic) at 17km/h for example (or other threshold training).

The coach will be able to create groups of homogeneous physical level. Note that for many physical tests, a cardio measurement tool (cardiofrequencemeter) to record the cardiac average would be a plus.


Conclusion for VO2 Max

The VO2 Max is crucial to know in order to work efficiently with your players’ physical condition and thus create working groups by VO2 Max and not by friendship (!). Here are some examples of exercises to develop VO2Max.


The Prepa Physique Team

VO2 max
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VO2 max
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