aerobic endurance testWe believe that the vameval test is the best and certainly the simplest test to see the physical condition but above all to evaluate, calculate his VO2max. The Vameval test is a physical test consisting of a progressive speed race in 1-minute stages starting at 8.5km/h (notion of jogging) up to the maximum speed of each player. The rhythm is imposed by a soundtrack (mp3 file). There are different names including the Luc Léger test, but it is different from the shuttle test which offers a clear stop or the Cooper test which consists in running the most distance in 12. By knowing your VO2 max, it is easier to work physically with aerobic, lactic anaerobic work depending on its intensity (percentage). We will see the necessary equipment for the Vameval test and how it will be performed.


Equipment for the Vameval test

The run must be as rounded as possible (or rather without a right angle which requires a restart for the runner) and a multiple of 20m. All this to say that the ideal is a field that is 400 meters long. Place 1 cone every 20m as a reference point.

Then you need:

  • the CD Rom containing the test,
  • a CD Rom player,
  • 1 whistle to indicate to the players the beeps of the levels and that’s it!

Ideally, athletes should be wearing running shoes unless you are doing it around a field.

We also suggest combining the Vameval test with either physical exercises for summer preparation (3 sessions over 5 weeks) or with physical exercises throughout the season (see our ready-to-use physical program offer).


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Vameval aerobic endurance test procedure

Once all the equipment is operational, as the pace will be the same for everyone, divide your participants by group. Note that the Vameval includes the warm-up so there is no need to make a specific one => progressive test in terms of running pace.

Play the CD Rom, whistle a blow (start beep), tell the athletes not to start too fast (8.5km/h = fast walking), then whistle at each beep of the CD Rom either whenever they must arrive at a cone. Also announce the steps for the participants to remember at which level they have abandoned. If you have external help, he/she can note the level at which stage the participant abandons.

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Important: make sure to tell the participants that they must arrive at the same time as the whistle, it is up to them to adapt their pace! Acceleration is progressive between each stage, however, there is no recovery phase during the Vameval.

As the test goes on, some participants will have difficulty following, they must give up when they can’t reach the cone at the same time as the whistle blows on 2 consecutive cones (we can consider that a mistake on one cone can be accidental).

What about the VO2 max?

When a participant gives up, he has done so at a certain stage, it will determine his VO2max (by a conversion table provided with the purchase of the Vameval test) which is essential in physical preparation, I let you read the article about it. Beware not to associate the VO2max with the maximum heart rate.


The Prepa Physique Team

Vameval aerobic endurance test
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Vameval aerobic endurance test
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