As we have seen in many articles, fitness preparation for football is carried out, to sum up, with aerobic (endurance) and VO2max (speed) work. It is not always easy and preferable to use a ball because many races are done without a ball. However, we offer you an stamina oriented training circuit with an interesting technical aspect.


Stamina circuit training

Over a period of time from 30′ to 40′, your players complete the circuit shown below with the following instructions:

  • A warm-up of at least 15′ must be carried out by performing some accelerations to accustom the muscles to the work of the session and increase the players’ heart rate
  • The whole route is done at cruising speed (65% VO2max) which does not prevent you from making level groups with different plots (example, VO2max of 15 = red plot, VO2max 12 = yellow plot…)
  • Start with 12 slalom pads with ball control
  • 4 stakes where it is necessary to make a technical gesture to pass (leg pass, feint of striking…) then circumvent the stake
  • Each yellow stake is circumvented from the outside
  • At the last yellow stake, the player makes a pass to the next stake and reverses the exercise.

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Possible alternatives:

  • Move the cones closer or further away to orientate more physically or technically
  • Do the round trip phase without ball
  • Put a cone at the end of the first phase
  • Make passes at the level of the return cones….
circuit training stamina football
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The Prepa Physique Team

Stamina circuit training
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Stamina circuit training
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