Speed ​​work is important in football and must be done throughout the season. Even if different aspects come into play (reaction time, explosiveness, vivacity, power …), the body needs reminders. It is in this sense that we offer a circuit training consisting of 4 workshops (A-B-C-D in the diagram) that do not require any special equipment except pads, mini-hurdle and hoops.


Explanation of the speed training circuit

speed football circuit training

The speed training circuit therefore consists of 4 workshops to follow :

  • Workshop A: the player goes off by trotting, jumps the 4 mini-hurdles together and then accelerates on 8m to the yellow stud (the next player leaves when the 1st has passed the first 2 mini-hurdles). Then light trot to workshop B
  • Workshop B: the player starts trotting, jumps foot joined by hoop (left foot left side …) then accelerates once the last hoop passed to the next yellow stud.
  • Workshop C: the player accelerates on 5m, bypasses the stud, reverses on 2m, bypasses the next stud with acceleration again of 5m …
  • Workshop D: acceleration on 3 or 4m, acceleration on the spot avoiding the bars on the ground then frank acceleration on 7m.

The circuit training must be carried out over 10 to 15 minutes. Be careful to warm up the players before.

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The Prepa Physique Team

Speed training circuit in football
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Speed training circuit in football
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