During the pre season football training, it is interesting to work on the specific speed of the footballer with supports, changes of direction, short accelerations…


Multi-directional work of the footballer

After a warm-up including a light workout of speed (to warm up the heart and muscles), have your players complete the following course.

It is done without a ball, start the players from the fastest to the slowest, the acceleration phases in a straight line are 20m and the steps are 10m. These phases are done at maximum speed, the part between the blocks is done by trotting with a flexion at each block.

Each player must make 4 passes.

multi direction football drills
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The main goal of this session is to work on the VO2max but also to work on other types of support. Be careful that your players do not cheat on the acceleration games and flexions, especially during the last pass.

Once this exercise has been completed (the 4 rounds), you can do a football exercise of your choice.


The Prepa Physique Team

VO2 max multi directional work
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VO2 max multi directional work
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