weightlossFootball performance depends on many technical, tactical and physical factors, in the sense of physical capacity (endurance, speed, etc.) but also in terms of weight. We like to take Ronaldinho’s example because Ronaldinho from Barcelone or AC Milan had nothing to do with it, whereas technically he had not (or only slightly) lost his skills. Simply, the 3-5kg gaps made the difference, a simple test will show you: do a 160ft in normal clothing and the same distance with a weight of 11lbs.

However, at the beginning of physical preparation, coaches often face this kind of problem! From this assumption, with Nicolas Aubineau, Dietician of Sport, we realized an article on the fact of losing weight through food but also through sport.


What are the factors that make you fatter?

You must start here, the best way to avoid losing weight…. is not to take it 😉 Here are some basic tips that will give you results:

  1. Avoid fast food, kebab, pizza as much as possible. Avoiding them does not mean banning them, but there is a difference between 1 meal at Mc Donald’s every 15 days and 1 meal every 2 days. The maximum is 1 fast food per week!
  2. Don’t drink too much alcohol such as beer or strong alcohols Ricard, Whisky…). For example, a glass of 1fr.oz whisky (it is often 5-6 which is served in clubhouses) is equivalent to 300kJ, a Leffe beer of 8.5fl.oz represents 137kcal! + More information on kcal and alcohol
  3. Do not snack between meals and if you are hungry, a fruit with water or orange juice (100% pure juice!) will be much better for your body. One can of Coke represent 600kJ 🙁

With these 3 points, you will strongly limit your weight gain but if you still have a few extra kilos, here are our recommendations.


Losing weight through sport

Losing weightThe best advice we can give you is to run at least twice a week (we would even say three times a week) for a minimum of 40′ each time. Be careful, this advice is very generalist, everything depends on your level, sporting habit… if you resume sport after a break, you must go gradually.

To summarize, when an effort lasts more than 25-30′, the body will draw from lipids (fats) the energy necessary to advance, so it is at this time that the runner loses the most fat. In terms of speed, you must be in aerobic mode, i.e. 70% of your VO2max, if you don’t know it, you have to be able to speak most of the time. Basically, it is not the running speed that makes you lose weight but the time, it is better to run 45′ at 10km/h than 25′ at 14km per hour.

Another trend is to run on an empty stomach, i.e. in the morning, before breakfast. The main advantage is that the runner will consume the fats faster, but this requires eating slow sugars the day before (pasta, rice…) and having a certain running habit because the body is involved. The basic advice is to do several loops if you ever feel less in shape, just go home and eat.

Whatever happens, at the end of each session, do some sheathing with pumps because losing weight is good, but you still have to ” shape ” your body as much as possible.

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Losing weight through diet

In addition to the 3 points mentioned above (fast food, alcohol and snacking), we recommend that you:

  • eat 3 meals per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner,
  • optimize your protein intake at 1.5g of protein per kg (if you are 70kg, it is 105g of protein),
  • eat vegetables at least once a day
  • consume simple carbohydrates at the end of the effort (honey, dried fruits…)
  • limit the intake of lipids while favoring quality oils such as rapeseed, olive
  • consume one dairy and one fruit per meal


It is important to eat well and do a minimum of sport to avoid being overweight, when the latter is present, an endurance activity is essential to get rid of fat.


The Prepa Physique Team

Losing weight
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Losing weight
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