football warm upOver the course of a season, the warm-up is an important factor to include in football training so as not to risk minor muscle problems and, of course, before the game. One of the first interests of the football warm-up is, before the effort, to raise the body temperature with a muscular awakening (thigh, hamstring, psoas, adductors, buttocks…) but also articular (ankle, knee…) and at the heart level.

There are many theories, including football warm-ups with or without a ball. From our previous experience as amateur athletes, this debate is wrong because it starts from a premise that would require your group to get out of the locker room together and start the scheduled warm-up with a ball directly. However, very often, during football exercises, players don’t arrive at the same time, pass or even hit each other for some, and the risk of injury is therefore high! NB: the goalkeeper is generally more likely to warm up well with a small jog and then some exchanges with his counterpart.


Why do we have to do a football warm-up?

As mentioned in the introduction, the football warm-up is used to prepare the body in its entirety:

  • The muscles by raising them to a higher temperature. Blood vascularization (irrigation) in the muscles allows this. But you must go gradually and stick to the efforts that are about to take place. In other words, you must start slowly and finish with accelerations, but you will see in our examples, not just any ones or any way (and not the opposite way)
  • Joints, particularly ankles and knees, in order to prepare them for the efforts that will be required of them.
  • The heart rate because your heart is put to the test on a match between the trot phases and the 100% sprints. A well heated heart will recover more easily.


Suggested football warm-up

It may certainly seem unentertaining, but nothing can replace the 10-15 minutes it will last. Make 1 full turn of the field or 2 half turns (passing behind the cages and corner posts).


Opening warm-up

Over the width of the field, do the usual warm-ups at the beginning of the game, including:

  • Step 1: 3 series of High-stepping (3-4 times per series) on the first half then 3 series of heel to bum (3-4 times per series)
  • Back 1: flexion series with a flexion doubled every 3 flexions. Space them 4-5 steps apart between each

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Continuation of the football warm-up collective

collectif football warm upAs when you watch the professional games, the next step is a fun but terribly important step. To do this, you need cones with a length of 15m. It is necessary to make 2 groups without particular instructions for their creation and small advice, do this exercise on a part of the ground which is in good condition (or if it is necessary to do it on the training ground). Here are the instructions for the exercises with outward (odd points) and return (even points):

  1. Trot by waving your arms in front of you
  2. Trot by waving your arms on the back
  3. Trot with neck movements (rotation on the right and left side)
  4. Fast walking with 4 to 5 ankle rotations (kick stuck in the ground)
  5. Sidestep (left foot in front)
  6. Sidestep (right foot forward)
  7. Trot with adductor opening
  8. Trot with adductor closure
  9. Progressive acceleration (finish at 75% VO2max)
  10. Same as above
  11. Throwing leg in opposite hand direction (right leg)
  12. Throwing leg from opposite leg direction (left leg)
  13. Progressive acceleration
  14. Fast reverse
  15. Acceleration
  16. Normal stroke return
  17. Sprint stand-still for 5 seconds and acceleration
  18. Back to quiet race
  19. Re 17
  20. Re 18

Your players are ready now, let’s play a little game so they can touch the ball. Finally, don’t forget your strikers who like to kick before the game, do a little exercise with a player in support who passes the ball and strikes.


What about stretching during the football warm-up?

As for stretching during the training session, we recommend avoiding it in order to achieve real and good stretches at the end of the training session (notion of flexibility, muscle fibres that suffer…).

Our session is, as mentioned in the introduction, a little against the habits, but they are biased. It takes 10 minutes to have warm players ready to work at their best.

Please note that if you have specific equipment for physical preparation such as ladders, small hedges, cones (etc.), it is advisable to use them to warm up more efficiently as a whole.


The Prepa Physique Team

Football warm up
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Football warm up
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