stamina footballWorking on stamina in football is not much valued by players, coaches underestimate its relevance because they believe it is a waste of time and “that players never run so slowly on the field”. This statement is not necessarily true, much of the movement is done at a moderate pace. But it is not not that easy, discover our explanations:


What is stamina in football?

To begin with, there are 3 energy systems that are:

  • Aerobic for higher efforts at 3. To put it in a nutshell, it’s all about the stamina.
  • Lactic Anaerobic for efforts between 15 sec and 3.
  • Alactic Anaerobic for efforts less than 15 sec.

Without going into the details that are explained in this article (aerobic, lactic anaerobic and alactic anaerobic), each process has its own specificity and adapted work. But whatever happens, a physical preparation, whether football or not, must use them.

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Why should you work on stamina in football?

As we suggest in the introduction and in the 1st paragraph, it is necessary to work at different paces and therefore in stamina. It is in a way the foundation of physical work. Too often we meet coaches who go through this stage too quickly at the beginning of the season to focus on a vVO2max axis. Except that working too early on vVO2max (and therefore in lactic or alactic Anaerobic depending on the type of effort) certainly leads to an increased risk of injury.

When you play a game, it is statistically proven that players only have the ball for an average of 3 minutes. (Johan CRUYFF)


How and when to work on stamina in football?

Football stamina is mainly worked on at the beginning of physical preparation (summer physical preparation) with a few reminders throughout the season (and especially during the mini winter preparation). During the season, aerobic work is interesting to help players recover (early November for example) with races at 65% of the vVO2max.

There are multiple exercises ranging from the basic running outing from 45’ (for example) that are done regularly at the very beginning of physical preparation to specific balloon circuits (endurance training circuit).

Whatever happens and as with any physical exercise, it is necessary to follow the level groups (see vameval test) so that each player works the same energy system at the same pace. This is the basis for the success of a physical preparation.


Conclusion on football endurance

Endurance makes it possible to build a fundamental working base to go into other energy systems more specific to football. But as with everything else, if the foundation is not well established, the rest of the work is not optimal or even dangerous (for example, starting the VVO2max too early).


The Prepa Physique Team

Football stamina
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Football stamina
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