Football fitness preparation programWith over 1,000,000 visitors on our website, we have launched ready-to-use physical programs at the request of users, which have been a real success with over 700 coaches ordering them!

You can therefore have one or more documents that are easy to read, without misunderstood scientific terms but with consistency between each session so that your athletes are in perfect physical shape!

We have created physical programs for adults, young people (u13, u15, u17 with a football school program) as well as for women.


The football fitness preparation program includes

  • All physical exercises,
  • The playful explanation of the exercises,
  • Consistency between physical sessions,
  • Explanation of the type of physical work performed during the session,
  • Links to the pages of our site dealing with a specific topic (e.g. stretching, warm-up, running shoes…).

As soon as the order is placed and paid for with Paypal, you will receive an email with the PDF document. Remember to check your spam if you have not received anything.

Here is an example of the presentation of the program (click on the link): Example


The football physical preparation program does not include

  • Exercises with a ball once the physical part is done.
  • The vameval test (optional CD, contact us or it is included in the full season package + Vameval test)
  • Our presence at your side during the sessions 😉


Prices for football physical preparation programs

The page with the program purchased in PDF automatically appears at the end of payment in Credit Card so do not close any page.


Pre season training program

OFFER: £29.90
(instead of £39.00)

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All season training fitness program

OFFER: £89.90
(instead of £124.90)

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Pre season football training + Vameval Test

OFFER: £54.90
(instead of £66.90)

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All season football fitness training + Vameval Test

OFFER: £109.90
(instead of £146.50)

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A little more details on physical preparation programs

To make everything clear between you and us, here is what each program includes:

  • Pre season training: 3 sessions per week over 5 weeks, knowing that we include 1 weekly friendly match from the 2nd week
  • Winter physical preparation program: 2 sessions per week over 3 weeks with a proposal including (or not) futsal.
  • All season package: It is all your fitness work from the pre season training (July or August) to May (the end of the seaon) including the winter fitness program. 32 weeks of fitness football training :
    • Pre Season : 5 weeks, 3 weekly sessions
    • Fitness maintenance program from September to December: 13 weeks, 1 weekly session (with 4 weeks off)
    • Winter fitness : 3 weeks, 2 weekly sessions
    • Fitness maintenance program from February to May: 13 weeks, 1 weekly session (with 4 weeks off)
  • All season package + Vameval test: This is the season package with the sending of the Vameval CD (shipping costs included in the price)
  • Pre season training + Vameval test: This is the summer preparation with the Vameval CD (shipping costs included)

Our objective is that as many coaches as possible can have this document, so we have voluntarily chosen to offer low prices as well as the possibility to buy the Vameval Test CD.


What is a great football physical preparation program?

A good training program is carried out by a physical trainer with different types of work: jogging, VO2max, proprioception, weight training, core muscle... Don’t forget the notion of heart rate and the possible need in equipment (skipping rope, weights, mini hurdles…). The notion of recovery for example is also important because overtraining is often close or even reached if there is no logic, no consistency between the different physical sessions (physical fitness of the players). In other words, physical training is anything but random or unprepared.


The Prepa Physique Team

Football fitness preparation program
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Football fitness preparation program
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