Even if, in our opinion, the physical work must be done mostly without a ball, We conceive that sometimes the coach chooses to include the ball. We have already proposed variations of fitness exercises with ball, here are 2 fitness exercises 100% with ball.


Fitness training football with ball: exo 1

Fitness training in soccer with ball

For this exercise, you need a square of 15m side delimited by studs, 2 balls and 2 players.

Each player starts from a symmetric stud (in the attached example, player 1 starts from pad A and player 2 starts from pad D). The player 1 drives his ball quickly (while controlling the ball!) To the stud B and makes a stop-ball, then he sprints to the pad C to recover the ball left by the player 2 who will have left at the same time (from plot D towards pad C) and he drives it by accelerating towards the last pad (D). The return is trotting to the starting block. Make 4 sets of 8 diagonals per player with 2′ rest between sets.


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Fitness training football with ball: exo 2

Fitness training in football with ball

You will need 8 studs, 4 hoops and 4 coustry-footballs with 1 ball per player on a rectangle of 25m by 15m.

The players start from the red plot at the top right, slalom with a ball by accelerating, bypass the plot, always at high intensity, they go around the four hoops then bypass the plot and, on the first 2 coustry-foot, they pass the Balloon underneath (gently to retrieve it after) and jump feet-joints over, and on the last 2, they make a big bridge. Make 3 sets of 2 laps as fast as possible (watch out for waste) with 2 ‘recovery between sets.

Here are 2 very interesting exercises that combine physical and technical, the (physical) quality of the exercise depends on the technicality of the players, be careful to master the ball!


The Prepa Physique Team

Fitness training football with ball
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Fitness training football with ball
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