Physical work in football is essential, there are different types of physical exercises whether with or without ball. Here is a relatively well-known exercise: the past and following. However, there are rules to respect, we will give them to you.


Physical exercise of the pass and follows

pass and follow football fitness


At the begining, it takes 1 player per plot, the other players being at the source of balloons. The passes are on the ground, they are supported (as in match), the receiver makes a control oriented and then moves on to the next. Once the pass is made, he runs to take his place. On the penultimate stud, the player controls the ball received from his teammate, bypasses the stud by driving the ball and center of the foot adapted to the striker who strikes match condition.

The races are done in aerobic mode that is to say in cool pace (70/75% VO2max) => players must be able to discuss the entire exercise, it is not a work of speed!

This work is done on 30′, we advise you 15/20′ in normal mode then to include 1 to 2 variants below (in our order of preference).


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Possible variations on the pass and follows

  • Air Pass
  • Pass only right or left foot or bad foot (ideally on the ground if bad foot)
  • One-two, that is to say that the player A passes to the player B while advancing towards him, the latter makes a discount then the player A passes to the player C who surrenders to the player B who passes to the player D … the player the plot serves as a discount when it is at its plot and passer when it arrives at the next block.
  • Skipping a step: player A goes to player C who controls, passes to player B who sends to player D who surrender for player C …

The Prepa Physique Team

Fitness exercise Pass and Follows with ball
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Fitness exercise Pass and Follows with ball
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