Endurance work is important for football, whether at the beginning of the season or at the beginning of the season, to give a booster shot. We must not forget that endurance is the basis of physical work. As we say in the article The physical preparation with or without balloon, we are more fond of a physical work without balloon but nevertheless, we know that the players prefer “to touch the inflate”. Here is an endurance oriented training circuit with ball composed of 7 workshops.


Endurance exercise with ball

This circuit training is done with ball, over a period of 30 to 40 minutes. Important: it is a work of endurance, the pace is thus towards the 65/70% of the V02max (possibility to speak all along). All the workshops follow one another, no stop between.

endurance football exercise with ball


Workshop 1

The player leaves with the ball of the starting block, he makes the slalom (always ball with the foot)

Workshop 2

The player makes a pass by aiming at the midfield stud (the goal is for the ball to stop at the stud), the ball is on the ground and must pass between 2 doors (here represented by mini-hurdles). Meanwhile, the player runs to the stud (65/70% VMA pace for recall).


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Workshop 3

Same principle as workshop 1, slalom ball at the foot.

Workshop 4 and 5

Dribble in front of a stud or mannequin

Workshop 6

Slalom great distance with always the mastery of the ball (do not push the ball 5 / 6m in front)

Workshop 7

Slight acceleration to the next plot

Workshop 8

The player passes the ball to his teammate who has just arrived at the starting block (the latter controls in motion and starts the circuit training). Meanwhile, the player who has passed the ball runs 70% VMA to the starting block (waiting for the next player to make a pass in the movement).

It is important that players are well distributed on the course, our advice is to send the next player when the previous day arrives at the start of Workshop 1.


The Prepa Physique Team

Endurance football exercise with ball
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Endurance football exercise with ball
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