Here is a very (very!) interesting exercise on muscle strengthening associated with VO2max work (just that!). You will find below the description of the 8 exercises as well as the steps in the diagram at the bottom of the page. Concretely, a exercise lasts a certain time then at the whistle, the players speed up/sprint to go to the next exercise. The diameter of the circle that each workshop represents must be quite large (e.g. for a VO2max of 16km/h, 15 sec represents 66m).


Work-out circuit training, our instructions

The duration of each exercise is 30 seconds and the sprint between exercises is 10 seconds (44m for 16km/h VO2max). Click on “example” in the exercises below to see the requested position.

Circuit training muscular strength and running



The players are lying down, facing the ground, with the ball blocked between their ankles. The goal is to bend the knees at 90° while holding the ball between the ankles (it is good for the adductors as well).


The players are facing the ground on their arms (stretched) and on their toes (almost a pump position) then the player brings his left leg to the level of his left elbow while keeping the right leg stretched behind (see example), maintaining the finish position for 2 sec then returning the leg behind and working on the other leg….

Quadriceps (concentric)

Flexing of the players while keeping all the underside of the foot on the ground, knees at 90°, hands stretched forward (see example) then extension (jump) with a controlled landing for a quick return to the starting position that we maintain 2 sec max.

Quadriceps (plyometrics)

The same starting position as the concentric Quadriceps but the player stands up without jumping and then returns to the initial position.


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The player is standing, arms along his body, he stretches his left leg behind then puts his knee on the ground while bending slightly the right leg (see example) then return to the starting position to then make the other leg work….


Everything is said, push-ups with an arrival on the ground (but braking, not a drop!) over the entire duration of the exercise


Ventral core-building over the entire duration of the exercise

Abs crunch

Lying on his back, arms stretched behind his head, legs slightly bent (underfoot together, see example), the player will touch his feet with his hands by lifting his chest (it is the hands that go to the foot and not the opposite) see example


The Prepa Physique Team

Circuit training muscular strength and running
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Circuit training muscular strength and running
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