agility ladderDuring physical preparation for football or even during physical exercise during the season, you don’t need much equipment. However, there is a base that it seems interesting to have without spending crazy amounts of money and the agility ladder (or speed ladder) is one of them.

As a reminder, a speed ladder is a ladder that is put on the ground allowing you to work with existing spaces of the same size.


What exercise can be done with a agility ladder?

First, the ladder can be used in front, side, front, rear, with or without weight, with or without balloon (etc.) to tell you that you can do almost anything with it! However, here are 2 exercises that we recommend: coordination work and change of pace work.

You will find below 2 videos that perfectly summarize the exercises that you can do with a speed ladder.

How to get a speed ladder?

We have selected for you different speed ladders in our shop, with Amazon, you can receive it quickly and with a premium account, shipping costs are free.


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Conclusion on agility ladder

A speed ladder has everything to seduce you because it is super easy to store, cheap and very useful. A tip: buy at least 2 to make each group work at the same time 😉


The Prepa Physique Team

Agility ladder in football
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Agility ladder in football
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