Our experience as players, coaches and feedback from the field clearly shows us that physical work is not very popular among players. However, it must be said that players in good shape are more effective than players who are in a bad shape. We therefore propose playful physical exercises in the form of this circuit training, i. e. a series of small exercises.


Circuit training football without ball for aerobic

First, the workshops are in the form of a star which allows the players to be always in movement and the coach(s) to watch/monitor that everything is going well. The departures are done by group at the level of the crosses in the diagram. For more efficiency, we recommend operating with 12 to 18 players (2 or 3 per start) so that the circuit is great and without interruption (==> click on the diagram to have it in full page).

aerobic circuit training football

  • Exercise 1a (6m distance): the player walks and at each step, puts the knee of the hind leg on the ground.
  • Exercise 1b (distance of 20ft + 20ft to the red plot): small steps close together then the last20ft, race at 60% VO2max until the beginning of the following exercise
  • Exercise 2 (6 mini hurdles): the player always passes the same foot (right to start) over the mini hurdles, the other foot being on the side. At the end, 60% VO2max race to another exercise.
  • Exercise 3a (20ft): same as Exercise 1a
  • Workshop 3b (20+20ft): the player makes the gesture of a flat pass with the leg stretched (the right foot pass must be made to the left so the finished gesture on the left side). Stroke at 60% VO2max to Exercise 4
  • Exercise 4 (6 to 8 blocks): the player alternates between right and left supports, joint foot (center block). Run at 60% VO2max until the next workshop.
  • Exercise 5 (20+20+20ft): 1st 6m idem Exercise 1a, next 6m is a knee rise then 20 last ft, run at 60% VO2max to next Exercise.
  • Exercise 6 (30ft): slalom between the blocks at a running speed of 75% VO2max (make good right angles between the blocks so that the player changes direction clearly). 60% VO2max to next Exercise.

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Important instructions for the football aerobic training circuit

  1. It is an aerobic training circuit, so the running pace is relaxed (60% VO2max)
  2. The goal is to have a continuity between the exercises, so you don’t need too many players ==> it is possible to do it with half of the group, the other half doing a work with ball (game, passes…)
  3. The training circuit lasts 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. It is possible to change the exercises as in exercise 1a: do it in reverse for example!


The Prepa Physique Team

Aerobic football circuit training without a ball
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Aerobic football circuit training without a ball
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