Welcome to our website dedicated to physical, fitness preparation for football! We are sportsmen who have practiced a wide range of sports, whether individual (triathlon, marathon, trail) or collective (football, rugby, handball), and we would like to put our experience and diplomas at the disposal of amateur athletes and more specifically your football team!


What is a fitness football preparation?

A set of organized and hierarchical training procedures aimed at improving the physical attributes of athletes (M. Pradet, 1991)

In practice, its purpose is to provide players with the physical conditions they need to:

  • Avoid injuries (contractures, slamming, tendonitis, etc.)
  • Be efficient throughout the entire game, but also over the entire season
  • Use specific instructions (pressing, etc.)
  • Keep the clarity required to follow the instructions

With this, you can earn a few points over a season that can be very important at the end of it!


Why did we create a website dedicated to the fitness preparation for football?

football fitness drillsWe have created this website to meet the needs of football players and coaches. You will find many specific articles on physical preparation such as physical exercises (VO2max work, endurance, proprioception, core muscle exercises, intermittent work, anaerobics…), definitions as well as a presentation of Physical Preparation and our complete dedicated physical follow-up services (to be released soon).

A physical preparation for football is therefore a complementary schedule of football training, considering the winter break for example and the particularity for the goalkeeper.


Watch out for errors during physical preparation for football

football fitness drillsHow many times have we done, during a physical preparation, physical exercises deprived of any logic such as 30/30 with an inappropriate pace (acceleration too fast), 400m where the slowest run with the fastest (both do not work properly because there is no individualization) … That is why we have developed this website and we are now offering our services. Please understand that an under-dosed session is not optimal but an over-dosed session is dangerous and potentially generates an overload of work leading to injuries. Our motto is that physical training is done in addition to football exercise (with a ball) and this, as soon as the season resumes.


It is important to understand that a good fitness preparation for football is a complement to a diet controlled by an online dietician. There are food supplements that help to avoid digestive disorders, read this interesting article on probiotics.

Have a good reading and good physical preparation!


The Prepa Physique Team

Football fitness training
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